The Garden Gnome Convention Movie

A colourful array of characters compete at the Australian Garden Gnome Convention.

Once a year 2000 garden gnomes and 10,000 gnome carers gather in the sleepy mountain hamlet of Glenbrook, for the annual Gnome convention; the gnomes arrive by road, train, plane, and post.

We follow eight Gnome carers as they dress and prepare their gnomes for the Glenbrook Australia Day Garden Gnome Convention.  The gnome committee consult with the gnomes on the convention agenda. A new Gnome Master is inaugurated.

From Campbelltown, comes a former engineer and keen competitor Donald who has lovingly adopted and restored a selection of old Cootamundra gnomes. He feels that his portrait painting gnome is a sure winner after he re named him Leonardo de Gnome with a painting of Gnome-a-lisa.

At the foot of the mountains is Irene an ex prison warden, who is keen to win the best decorated gnome, only to have it stolen one week before the convention.

Del & David, a couple of keen Rotarians, petition the Blue Mountains Council to build a giant gnome as a tourist landmark that will straddle the Great Western Highway.

Nola, seventy two, defends her Best Gnome in show award by entering 175 gnomes all at the same time.

Jan a horse breeder paints her gnomes in new clothes to follow the fashion each year.

David, the former Gnome Master reluctantly hands the red pointy hat of honour across to Trevor, a land valuer, who is the new Gnome Master.  Trevor believes that he has the gift of tongues and can speak Gnomish.

As chief Gnome Master, Trevor is charged with separating the sporting gnomes, segregating the smoking gnomes, censoring the flashing gnome and gluing back broken gnomes after an attack by feral animals.

Gnomebrook reveals the human face behind the gnomes as we follow the hopes, fears, joys and sorrow of the gnome carers and the convention organisers.


Gnomebrook has been 2 years in the making.

It has been an incredible journey with the assistance of hundreds of people and thousands of gnomes.

Director Murray Fahey drove across the Blue Mountains and saw a sign for the Annual Garden Gnome Convention.

He asked the gnome carers if he could film it…..


The Annual Australian Gnome Convention occurs on Australia Day each year. The Convention is now in its 10 year and is a project of Lower Blue Mountains Rotary.  The event hosts 2000 gnomes and about 10,000 gnome carers (humans). It provides fun and enjoyment to thousands of visitors of all ages, and is now an international tourist attraction.

The Gnomes come from around the world to attend and re-unite with other gnomes. They compete for various awards and everything gnomish is featured at the convention.

The Gnome masters speak gnomish wear red pointy hats and in general have a great time.  This year many gnomes and carers will be attending their 8th, 9th or even their 10th Convention to be reacquainted with their friends.

While the day is for all Garden Gnomes to get together, chat (in Gnomish of course) and have fun, some special awards are made by guest and local dignitary judges.

Funds raised from the convention go to support Rotary projects.

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